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December 29, 2016
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July 27, 2017

Hi Mr. Bill,

Feedreaders are an easy way to read many different things you’re interested in, all on one screen, as new information becomes available.

Just for example, you could stay on top of the Bedbugger topics you’re interested in, be alerted when the New York Times publishes new sports articles, find out sports scores from ESPN, etc.

Google reader, which NoBugs mentions above, is one option. Some people use There are others. Basically, you sign up for one of these (free) services, and then you add the “RSS feeds” you want to follow. Don’t let the lingo freak you out. This just means you put in a specific address for each thing you want to stay on top of, and then Google Reader or Bloglines or whatever feedreader you’re using reflects new information as it appears.

Let’s say you wanted to know whenever someone posted something new about bed bug traps and pheremones. You would add these two RSS feeds to your feedreader:

And then the feedreader would alert you whenever new posts appeared.

Same idea with The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, or whatever. You would just go to the page listing all RSS feeds, find the feeds for the topics you wanted to follow , and add them to your feedreader. Here, for example, are all the Times RSS feeds.

I don’t know if this is helpful, but don’t let yourself be intimidated by something that’s really very easy to navigate, once you get the hang of it.

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